Xiaomi made a custom font for MIUI 8 and you can download it

Mi Lanting
Mi Lanting

Xiaomi introduced a font called “Mi Lanting” to be the default font on MIUI 8,  this is the first custom font specially designed for MIUI ROM.

The company stated that “Xiaomi is the third mobile company that owns its own font right after Apple and Google.”

Mi Lanting
Mi Lanting

“They spent about 18 months designing this font, in order to provide a refining and enhancing the mobile reading experience for users.” The company said.

This font is specially designed for smartphone users who are spend more than 5 hours on the phone. “We hope your eyes would still be comfortable after reading on phones for 6 hours”, said Xiaomi VP Mr. Hong Feng.

Centre grid, optimum adjusting, reduce the stiffness and roughness are the main attractions of Mi Lanting. Here is some live preview of MIUI 8 default font Mi Lanting.

Mi Lanting

Mi Lanting
Mi Lanting

Note: Mi Lanting only supports China ROM


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