How to enable MIUI 8 Touch Assistant on MIUI 7

MIUI 8 Touch Assistant
MIUI 8 Touch Assistant

Touch Assistant is a new and exciting features of MIUI 8. Though MIUI 8 is not publicly released but you can try MIUI 8 Touch Assistant feature on MIUI 7.

Touch Assistant introduced in MIUI 8 for easy and navigations through the apps. This article will explain Touch Assistant feature in details.

As we can see in the below image, a nice looking circle on the right side of the screen, that’s the Touch Assistant. When you clicked on the circle another 5 circle will appear and each circle will take you to individual apps.

MIUI 8 Touch Assistant MIUI 8 Touch Assistant

How to enable touch assistant feature:

To enable this features go to Settings->Additional Settings-> Touch Assistant.

  MIUI 8 Touch Assistant MIUI 8 Touch Assistant

After clicking “Touch Assistant” four menu item will appear in the screen like below picture. First one is “Enable Touch Assistant”.

MIUI 8 Touch Assistant


The second menu is customized function. In this menu, you can choose/select five menu item which will stick to Touch Assistant. Whenever you clicked on Touch Assistant circle this five menu will appear.

MIUI 8 Touch Assistant

The third menu is “Auto hide Touch Assistant”. Through this menu, you can hide the Touch Assistant in a certain app.

MIUI 8 Touch Assistant

The fourth menu is “Restore to default”. Click on it if you want the default settings.

MIUI 8 Touch Assistant

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  • moy

    I’m having redmi2 with android 4.4.4 & miui but i cant get touch assistant buttom as said above

  • Chhavi Sachdev

    It’s called ‘quick ball’ in my additionally settings. So happy to have found it and switched it off.