Record your mobile gameplay with Google Play Games [step-by-step guide]

Google Play Games
Google Play Games

Latest version of Google Play Games released few months ago and it comes with gameplay record features. Record gameplay features is an amazing feature for passionate gamers and Youtubers.

It’s a great way share your gaming experience with friends or start your gaming YouTube channel. Here is the step by step guide to record your gameplay with Google Play Games.

1. Open Google Play Games app. Click on the menu item and choose “My games”

Record gameplay
Google Play Game

2. Navigate to “INSTALLED”. Choose a game you want to record.

Record gameplay
Choose game

3. You will see 2 buttons like below image, first one is record and the other one is play.

Record gameplay
Record gameplay

4. Tap on record button. A message will appear regarding video quality. Choose your desire quality and lick “LAUNCH”.

Record gameplay

5. Game will launch with a toggle menu at the left side on screen. You can turn on/off your front camera and microphone from the toggle menu.

Record gameplay
Toggle Menu

6. Click on red dot menu to start recording. Red dot will change to red circle during recording.

Record gameplay
Start Recording

7. When you are done tap on red square. A confirmation message will appear.

Record gameplay
Finishing Up

8. If you tap on the confirmation message two option will appear to view the video or share on YouTube.

Record gameplay
Share Recording

Here is a video recording of gameplay:



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