The ThaiMi

Xiaomi’s Mi series phones are being brazenly copied in Thailand, Shanghai’s China Business News.

A Thai company has launched a range of iMI phones (which we will refer to as the ThaiMi from now on, because we’re pretty sure they should have used that name in the first place), priced from 3,990 baht (US$113) to 8,990 baht (US$256).

The ThaiMi is similarly positioned for the affordable market.

Since the launching the ThaiMi, sales have hit US$19.8 million in Thailand, and US$28 million in ASEAN.

ThaiMi is intending to increase its budget by US$5.7 million this year, aiming to push its sales volume in the Thai market to US$42 million and in the ASEAN market to US$85 million.

Xiaomi has often been criticized for what some consider to be their over reliance on copying other’s designs, but they have rarely found themselves one the being-borrowed-from end of the spectrum.

Chinese internet users, on the other hand, were jubilant at this serving of “divine justice”.


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