VP of International Hugo Barra

Xiaomi announced Monday that it has started assembling handsets in India, in a move to trim costs and give it a leg up in the South Asian market as they press ahead with global expansion plans.

Xiaomi is using the existing assembly facilities of Foxconn in India, which also manufactures Xiaomi phones in China.

on Saturday Foxconn announced it is planning to spend $5 billion on factories and research and development in the western state of Maharashtra.

According to reports, Xiaomi is using the facility to produce the Redmi 2 Prime.

For months, Xiaomi execs have said they wanted to build phones in India, but were hesitant to reveal a schedule.

“What we achieved in the last six months, we thought could only have been achieved in two years,” VP of International Hugo Barra said. “We moved significantly faster than we thought we were going to.”

Xiaomi also recently started making phones in Brazil, another large developing country.


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