MIUI 7 isn’t launching in New Delhi until August 17, but here is a peak at what we love about the China version that was released today!

30% faster

That’s right, Xiaomi say that with the new update, they have optimized speed by up to 30%! This is really going to make a difference.

30% faster

25% longer battery life

We all need this! With the new MIUI 7 update comes more efficiency in many ways, one being how it saves you BIG on battery life.

25% longer battery life

Auto-detect faces

MIUI 7 will auto-detect and tag the faces of the pictures you take, grouping them into easy to browse folders. Like what Google Photos does.

Auto-detect Faces MIUI 7

Better address book cards

With MIUI, you will be able to synchronize your information with your friends using address book. You can even record a video to play what will show up when you call a friend!

Better address book cards MIUI 7

Built in roaming management

For those of us that travel a lot, roaming is a real pain! With MIUI 7 you will have access to global discounted roaming info, and be able to manage it right form your phone.

Built in roaming management



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