It has been confirmed that the upcoming Android Lollipop-based MIUI 7, the global version of which will be released August 17 in New Delhi, will have a new app to manage on-demand data roaming.

With the app, you users will be able to purchase data roaming when traveling, without having to separately go through data providers.

The big benefit will be the ability to bypass using a second sim when traveling, as data roaming is managed through the device.

Although a lot of Xiaomi devices have dual-sim capabilities, this will really help short-term, tourist, or casual business travelers.

From what we have seen, the roaming app will use a pre-pay system.

In terms of other possible on-demand services Xiaomi could provide to users with MIUI, this could be just the beginning.

We previously wrote about our favorite new features coming in MIUI 7, including the new data roaming app.


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