Let’s get started!

1. Download the Recovery ROM file from the Official Thread.

2. We recommend to download the ROM with PC as it’s a more stable download and faster download speeds.

3. After downloading it, compare the size of the downloaded zip file with the original file size. Make sure the size is almost the same, otherwise don’t use it (just trust us on this one)!

4. Rename the downloaded file to “”

5. Connect your phone to your PC and copy the zip file into your Phone Internal Storage. Do not copy the zip file into SD card.

Important Note:
Make sure not to copy the zip file into any folder of your phone storage.
The directory for your zip file must be  “My Computer\your_device\Phone storage”.

6. Optional: Do a backup!

7. Go to the Updater app, tap on the 3 dots icon and reboot to recovery mode.

8. In Recovery Mode:

  • Volume Increase = Toggle Up
  • Volume Decrease = Toggle Down
  • Power Button = Select

9. Select English > Wipe & Reset > Wipe Cache > YES.

10. After wiping the cache, you will be back on the Main Menu. Select “Install to System” and confirm it.

11. After finish updating, select Reboot > Reboot to System. It might take 5-10 minutes for your phone to boot.

MIUI 7 Global ROM is now installed!
A big thanks to marcus_keong for the guide.


  1. I have downloaded the Rom 5.8.22…There’s a problem in installing..”the was not found in your sd card”.This was the warning I recieved…I have also copied the file to sd card too..but not succeeded in update…please send me the remedee if possible…tnq

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