Xiaomi launched the Mi 4C earlier this week, and we absolutely love it. We cannot wait to get our hands on the new hardware and see just how good this phone actually is.

One of the new features we are most keen to try is what Xiaomi call “Edge Tap”.

Edge Tap is a new technology for Xiaomi that allows users to perform various functions based on a single tap double tap made by the user on the edge of the handset.

Sort of like tapping on a laptop touchpad.

With Edge Tap, Mi 4C users can take an image with a single tap, or double tap to go back.

The big question for us is whether or not app developers be able to use Edge Tap in their apps. This could be very cool for gaming or specialized messaging shortcuts.

Pre-orderes for the Mi 4C are available now on GearBest with global free shipping.



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