Known issues:

1. Using Camera or Scanner scan URL might cause FC when calling Browser for the first time.

Solution: Click Cancel or Report to MIUI and try to scan again, then Browser can work properly.

2. Mi Note Pro & Mi 4c: After factory resetting or fastboot flashing, ‘Mobile data’ toggle might not be able to be enabled

Solution: Settings – Mobile networks – Mobile Data, enable it again.

3. In some cases, Browser might FC

Solution: Settings – Installed apps – Browser – Clear data


MIUI 7 China Developer ROM 5.10.15 Update Highlights


You can now upload at most 10,000 images to each cloud album

[Home screen]

Locked apps will not be shown in ‘Recents’ tray when ‘Lock apps’ mode is turned on

MIUI 7 China Developer ROM 5.10.15 Full Changelog


New – Support VoLTE voice call (Mi Note Pro) (10-09)

New – Smart roaming to increase Internet searching speed and reduce international roaming waiting time (Mi Note Pro) (10-09)

Fix – Sometimes screen might flicker (Mi 4c) (10-14)


Fix – Lag when scrolling messages list in some situations (10-15)

[Home screen]

Optimization – Apps’ content will not show in Recents tray when ‘Lock apps’ is enabled (10-13)


New – Family members will get notification when new images are added to baby albums (10-10)

Optimization – Reduced RAM usage of large image/albums list page (10-10)

Optimization – Support uploading 10000 images maximum to one cloud album (10-10)

Optimization – Increased People album loading speed (10-10)

Optimization – The baby is displayed in the middle when using baby lockscreen (10-10)

Fix – Lag in browsing Gallery while images are being synced (10-10)

Fix – Location info in start page flickered while images were being synced (10-10)

Fix – Baby album avatar was not synced to baby album cover page (10-10)

Fix – Cloud albums loading speed was slow (10-14)


Fix – Sometimes WiFi could not be connected (10-15)


New – Support downloading torrent and magnet links (10-08)


New – Pull down on recordings list page to view syncing status (10-14)

[Clock / Calculator]

New – Added Clock, Stopwatch, and Timer functions (Mi Pad) (10-14)

[Mi Drop]

Optimization – Long press on Mi Drop toggle will direct to usage help page (10-14)

Fix – Sometimes files failed to be transferred (10-13)

Fix – Sometimes app crashed while scanning (10-14)

[Battery Usage]

Optimization – Low battery warning message will not pop up when there’s an incoming call (10-12)


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