Xiaomi has started releasing a new theme every month for MIUI, and the October’s “Autumn Colors” is here!

According to Xiaomi:

It’s as stable as the default themes and has lots of surprises. Watch the birds fly as the screen lits [sic] up, shake your device to make the leaves tremble, and let the squirrel catch its nut. The colors of the theme change three times during the day, just like autumn colors do. Let the autumn in and remember that the next month’s theme will be even cooler!


For China Rom:
Autumn Colors.mtz (20.82 MB, Downloads: 1090)

For Global Rom:
Autumn colors-G.mtz (17.92 MB, Downloads: 587)

China Theme Market Link (Only for China rom):

Download new October 'Autumn Colors' MIUI theme right here


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