MIUI 7 Global here now available for everyone. Make sure you get started correctly with our handy guide below:


After you have selected the language package, the next page is to select your location.



Enter in your wifi information.



Read and accept the terms of service!



You will then be prompt to insert the SIM card. Do this and keep going!



In the global version of MIUI, Google service come pre-installed. Login or sign up if you want to use Google. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you sign up with Google.



After the Google Account, you will have to log in/create a MI Account.



Up next is Mi cloud. Mi cloud service comes together with Xiaomi phones as a cloud backup system, where you can backup and restore all your photos, contacts, call history and messages across all the Xiaomi devices you have.


Tracking too!



Now for your preferences. With Mi Cloud you have to option to set up as a new device or restore the backup available in the Mi cloud.



All done!



MIUI 7 Home Page will greet you. Enjoy your new MIUI 7 device!


Did something not work, or are you seeing something different than what is displayed in the guide above? Let us know in the comments!


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