1. Xiaomi CEO posts Mi 5 screenshot, hints at dual sim

Founder and CEO of Xiaomi teased the screenshot of the upcoming Mi 5.

The Mi 5 is due for release on February 24, and has been confirmed to be running the uber-powerful Qualcomm SnapDragon 820.

2. Surprise! Xiaomi releases major Windows 10 update for Mi 4

Xiaomi and Microsoft have begun rolling out a previously unannounced update to Windows 10 that fixes some major problems users have been experiencing, including freezing issues.

3. How to fix poor audio quality on Mi phones

Not all phones produce great audio quality, but Xiaomi phones actually give you a fair amount of options without having to download a third party app to boost audio performance.

4. How to change app notifications to appear at the bottom of the icon

By Default, the MIUI app notification count appears at the top right of the app icon, but we can change that with a few simple lines of code.


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