Quickly transfer files between computer and MIUI device over WiFi

This trick will save you huge amounts of time, and lots of fiddling with cables.

1. Make sure your phone and computer are connected to the same WiFi network

2. Go to Explorer –> at the bottom screen, FTP –> Start server –> There will be a link on the screen, started with ftp://xx.x.x.x:xxxx.

Super tip: transfer files from computer to Mi device over wifi

3. Go to your PC –> My Computer –> Paste the ftp link in the Computer address bar.

Now you’re all set to transfer file wirelessly from you computer to Mi Device.

  • Aditya Pathak

    Nice article, though this worked for me only one way, Android to pc. Couldn’t transfer files from pc to Android (redmi note 3 pro) via http://ftp.Am I missing something?

    • Fahmi Dzakiansyah

      I’m following the instructions exactly and I’m able to transfer from pc to android aswell. Redmi Note 2 rooted.

    • ruca

      It worked for me. Are you trying to do it through a browser? Do it through explorer. I dragged and dropped from one Explorer instance to the ftp Instance. Xiaomi Redmi Pro 64.

      • Aditya Pathak

        Yes I was doing it through browser. I later realized that I had to create a new network drive and input ftp address. It then worked both ways!

        • ruca

          I’m glad you found success. Happy new year Aditya

          • Aditya Pathak

            Happy new year to you too Ruca!

  • Luis Cavazos

    Nice article. For the newest version of Miui (so far) 8.2.3 the Ftp icon is directly with the other icons, not below.