Mr. Ivan had just released his final version of ported Android 6.0.1 AOSP ROM Xiaomi Mi 3, Mi 4, Mi Note.

Xiaomi has also posted a picture of the mysterious Mr. Ivan, who works at Xiaomi, but ports advanced version of Android not yet supported by MIUI, like Marshmallow 6.0.1, to Xiaomi devices in his free time.

Mr. Ivan
Mr. Ivan

Instructions for flashing Android 6.0.1


1. Please read this thread for merging of system partitions:

2. Please ensure the following space is available:

  • Mi 3/4 require at least >1.4GB
  • Mi Note require at least > 1.5GB

[ Changelog]

  • Optimize the signal display, Delete the old signal icons
  • Included “single” and “double” mic noise reduction option
  • Optimize the camera’s function, solve partial camera’s FC bug
  • Included call log records function
  • Included in-call recording function
  • Updated with new drivers
  • Updated the kernel code, & fix some vulnerabilities
  • Update and patch partial Google’s security patches
  • Replaced with new ROOT toolkit, to solve OTA update issues
  • Repaired F2FS format support, will require latest RECOVERY.
  • Merged “AP” side code to “Qualcomm LA.BF.1.1.3-01210-8×74.0 branch”
  • Closed DEX pre-opt, to solved FC issues if flashed with xposed



Download for Mi 3 and Mi 4:

Download for Mi Note:


  • Although, Mr. Ivan is an official MIUI developer, his porting work is not related to or overseen by Xiaomi.
  • This is highly recommended for advanced user only, and reflashed via custom recovery.
  • Flash this ROM at your own risk!


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