4. Zeny Imitasi Blur

This theme is highly inspired by the zenui of Asus devices. The look of this theme is very clean and the icons are quite elegant

The lock screen has 3 app shortcuts through which you can access camera, dialer and messages.

The main attraction of this theme is the notification panel which consist of 4×4 tiles and this is not usually present on MIUI themes.

3. Lowpoly

This theme is based on a polygon design, all the icons has a 3d
polygon pattern which really looks beautiful.

If we go to the setting menu it has a material polygon background, the notification panel also have the same sort of background

The lock screen of this theme is very simple and clean and it has a live wallpaper with no app shortcuts.

Thanks to our friends at Xtream Droid for the video! Be sure to check out all of their videos on their YouTube Channel.

2. City Limitz

If you like a darker theme for you MIUI device then surely you are going to love this one.

This theme will basically add a darker shade to every aspect of your device. The icons are vibrant and has a material design with grey and dark green as the basic color pallet.

1. Stock Android Marshmallow

This theme is based on stock android marshmallow and has material design icons which is usually only present in the nexus device.

The main feature of this theme is that when we swipe down the home screen using two fingers a new home screen comes up which has an app drawer like a stock android

So if you want to experience stock android then you must try this one


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