According to the Antutu Benchmark test, Xiaomi Mi 5 is the number 1 flagship device of 2016.  The Mi 5 comes with high-end hardware, but is it better than an Apple iPhone 6?

Here is head to head specs comparison of Mi 5 and iPhone 6:

Mi 5 vs. iPhone 6 photo

Mi 5 vs. iPhone 6 photo
Mi 5 vs. iPhone 6

Specs are great. Though Mi 5 ranked one but real cases aren’t the same always. The real demonstration is always good. Here is the video which demonstrates the speed and camera test.

In the first part of the video, the speed test is compared between Mi 5 and iPhone 6. In the second part, there is camera test. So, let’s see the real test and judge you which one seems to be best.



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