Android N New Features
Android N New Features

Few days ago Google released Android N developer preview. There are several new features introduced in Android N you might love. We found a sneak peek developer video to show you.

Here are the top 5 Android N features:

  1. New Settings Menu

Google introduce redesigned new settings menu in Android N. In the newly designed setting menu you can see little intro about each settings option before clicking it. You can also swipe out the side menu.

  1. Redesigned Notifications

Newly redesigned notifications now take the whole width of the screen. Two finger tap on the notification shows the handy information without leaving the notification area. Some apps allow inline reply in the notification area.

  1. Redesigned quick settings

Quick notifications bar of Android N will enable you to quickly take and action. You can swap bottom to get an extended view or you can swap left or right to get more quick settings. You can also drag and drop the setting in the quick menu,

  1. New multitasking

This is the most popular change in Android N. Double tap option in multitasking makes a faster swap between app. You’ll see details on the video.

  1. New night mode

Operate your device on the night will be a lot easier with new night mode features. It decreases the screen brightness.

Here is video. All these 5 features are nicely described in the video:


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