Big Screen Mi Phone is Coming Soon

Mobile is most necessary part of daily life. A big screen phone enable peoples with a variety of extra facility. Gaming, watching movies, doing a light official task is top of the list which can be done easily by a big screen device.

Xiaomi announced, currently they have there is four pending names. Pending names are Mi Max, Mi Pro, Mi Plus and Mi Big.

See the photo below to get an idea how we evolved with our smartphone:

Smartphone and life photo
Smartphone and Our Life


Consider the necessity of big screen phone, Xiaomi announced that largest phone will be introduced soon. On their official forum, they ask for recommending name for new upcoming big screen device,

Till now Xiaomi’s big screen phone is Mi Note Pro. Which packed with a 5.7-inch display. So, it is a burning question that, how big will be the screen size of the new phone? Guess the screen size as it is not announced until now.

More than thousand Mi fans voted for their expected name. Mi Max is the first choice with 68% vote. Which name do you prefer?


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