Mi Smart Shoes photo
Mi Smart Shoes

In today’s world, artificial intelligence is a burning issue. Most of the major incorporations like the Intel, Facebook, Microsoft, and Google invest on artificial intelligence sector.

According to Xiaomi’s officials, they too will be entering the artificial intelligence market.

Xiaomi, the largest smartphone manufacturer in China now aims to bring revolutionary changes in AI sector.

“Our artificial intelligence technology will be everywhere, Even a chair can be smart enough to understand you and move to where you would be seated.” Said co-founder and Vice-president Wong Kong Kat in a China newspaper.

Xiaomi already working on some Artificial Intelligence products. Some of them are given below:

  1. Mi Drone:

Xiaomi filled at least two dozens of patents for its upcoming drone. Mi drone can be used for aerial photography, recreational vehicle, and other remote control devices.

Mi Smart Drone photo
Mi Drone
  1. Mi Water Purifier:

Mi water purifier purifies the tap water into drinkable water. It works in reverse osmosis method. It is easy to use. Best suited for the area who are in a crisis of drinking water.

Mi Smart Water Purifier Photo
Mi Smart Water Purifier
  1. Mi Smart Shoe:

Xiaomi and Li-ning together introduce smart sporting shoes equipped with electronic sensors. Mi bans and Mi bracelets technologies are also added in Mi smart shoes.

Mi Smart Shoes photo
Mi Smart Shoes
  1. Mi Band:

MI band is one of the beautifully designed product of Mi. Mi band can track your health status and according to your status, it suggest daily workout.

MI Band Photo
MI Band



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