MIUI Shortcuts Photo
MIUI Shortcuts

MIUI stands for Mi User Interface which comes with every Mi device. The term UI often referred as User Interface. The main goal of MIUI is to make the design simple and effective. That’s why they called MIUI “Yours by design”.

There are some handy shortcuts added in MIUI V7. Probably you already knew some of them. Rest of the handy shortcut are given below:

  1. OHO (One Hand Operation)

To activate OHO press on the Home and quickly swipe LEFT or RIGHT to activate OHO. See the below picture.

One Hand Operation
One Hand Operation
  1. Swipe Up / Down Short-cut

Swipe up for “Global search” and swipe down for activating the “Notification shade shortcut”.

Swipe Down & Swipe Up Photo
Swipe Down & Swipe Up
  1. Camera Shortcut

When you are in camera mode swipe up/down to quick switch between Rear and Front Camera.

Switch Camera photo
Switch Camera
  1. Home Screen Edit Mode

Pinch in to enter into the “Home screen edit mode”.

Home Screen Edit Photo
Home Screen Edit
  1. Hidden/Private Message

Do a series of swipe down on message homepage to open the hidden or private message.

Hidden or Private Message Shortcut Photo
Hidden or Private Message Shortcut
  1. APP Notification Shortcut

Double click on the app on the home screen to disable to enable app notifications.

App Notification photo
App Notification
  1. Recent Tray Shortcuts

On recent tray icon, perform a pinch In/Out to show the preview. Swipe up to close the app and swipe down to lock the app on RAM.

Recent Tray Photo
Recent Tray




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