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Mi Mover

Latest MIUI ROM 7.2 released with several new features. Mi Mover is one of them which makes transfer easy and fast. Primarily it was released for Mi devices only but now Mi Mover is available for all Android user on Google Play.

Mi Mover comes pre-installed in mi devices. Go to this link to download Mi Mover for all Android devices.

You can transfer following items via Mi Mover:

  • Contacts
  • Message
  • Chat Log
  • Photos
  • Music
  • Videos
  • Bookmarks
  • Settings  (*support Partial of the Settings)
  • Third-party APP
  • Home APPs layout

Here is the step by step guide to transfer files using Mi Mover:

Steps for Sender:

  1. Start Mi Mover app. You’ll see a window like this one. Click “I’m a sender”.
Sender Device Photo
Sender Device
  1. After clicking “I’m a sender” a QR code scanner window will be open like below.
QR Code Scanner Photo
QR Code Scanner

Steps for Receiver:

  1. Run Mi Mover App. You’ll see a window like below. Click “I’m a receiver”.
Receiver Device Photo
Receiver Device
  1. After Clicking “I’m a receiver” a window with QR code will appear.
QR Code to be Scan Photo
QR Code to be Scan
  1. Go back to sender device and scan the QR code of receiver device. After successful pairing select files whatever you wants to transfer. See the figure below:
Select Files Photo
Select Files
  1. Be patient to complete Transferring.
Wait for completion Photo
Wait for completion

How to use Mi Drop will be given soon. Keep visiting to catch the latest info of Xiaomi.


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