Google Camera Photo
Google Camera

New version of Google camera has been released for Android devices. Android N developer preview has been released few days back. Now it is a trends that, Google release Android camera before releasing the final Android version.

Google uploaded the Android camera on play store but they remove the camera. If you are willing to test the Camera go to the below link:

Google Android camera download link:Click Here

New features of Google Android camera:

  1. You can take photos while shooting videos. There is a new button added for taking photos during video shooting.
  2. Slow motion features is now a separate menu. Previously it was a button in regular video mode.
Slow Motion Photo
Slow Motion
  1. New looking button for the rear and front camera.
  2. Updated shutter sound which is expected to update.
  3. Improved auto focus features. Image are more stable now.
Improved Autofocus Photo
Improved Autofocus


Hence Google remove it from Google play you have download and install it on your own risk.


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