MIUI Global Beta ROM
MIUI Global Beta

The full changelog MIUI 7 Global Beta ROM 6.4.14  has been published. This version fixes bugs of Lock screen, Status Bar, Notification Bar and Mi cloud.

MIUI 7 Global Beta ROM 6.4.14 also comes with optimization in System, Settings, and Cleaner app.

Here is full changelog showing fixes and optimizations of MIUI 7:


Optimization – Silent and DND mode are improved to be used at the same time

Lockscreen, Status Bar, Notification Bar:

Fix – Music lock screen appearance during playing games


Optimization – International roaming feature is improved


Optimization – Press and hold to add items to exceptions improve performance after cleaning

Mi Cloud:

Fix – Sign in problem solved.

Eligible devices can update through OTA. If you are not getting update through OTA download and flash manually. Here is the download links of MIUI 7 Global Beta ROM 6.4.14:

Mi 3 / Mi 4

Fastboot 1092M MD5: 5f9be8b9385c32b9789debf90b95d452

Recovery819M MD5: 4e84de9a62ee1bb2f8649e64ef7579f3


Mi Note

Recovery 820M MD5: 2d127fd43333771058e64e9f903ab7fb

Fastboot 1093M MD5: 75015e2f44604060f22949f1cf321fec


Redmi 1S

Fastboot 872M MD5: 687335c3ec5efd7ece78f7dc73375226

Recovery714M MD5: b1e3654ce6dc73f17bb4c8c9fc4ba6b0


Redmi Note 3G

Recovery691M MD5: 59e38f34ac0c417bceb1a0c536e94308

Redmi Note 4G Fastboot 907M MD5: f16f13512efe9131561d12e0c31557ed

Recovery725M MD5: 0422c834035afaf16c5b86aeac616bc3


Redmi Note Prime

Fastboot 984M MD5: 34f85a61aef4090e97e3e5b205fba3db

Recovery733M MD5: 3c8bd0d0e422b66ec9bd2d1334795358


Redmi 2 Prime

Recovery 688M MD5: 19bf47c20530ea6a8c04b1c27fc0d55d

Fastboot 970M MD5: cfba0425264ca60f1645577bcda8ab36


Redmi 2

Recovery687M MD5: 8df640e6665a077b15cb6a786ef52539

Fastboot 967M MD5: 45bbaad8bfc69c457d1340446c64106e


Redmi Note 2

Fastboot 1204M MD5: 7f7db9debe82f5be2e69e2992117161f

Recovery 984M MD5: 8f5cdb1fa6d1eda0345a74a6c13f7bef


Redmi Note 3 Qualcomm

Fastboot 1331M MD5: 75eb4b8e05c1c3203e8376f236cf82a9

Recovery1097M MD5: 1e43b7582ac8c39a80ad4dfab948c262



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