Mi devices comes with MIUI custom ROM. Rather than MIUI there are some cool custom ROM available. Testing something new always exciting. MI users can test the following custom with awesome UI.

Here is the top 5 custom ROM out there for MIUI devices:

1.       Cyanogenmod 13:

Cyanogenmod 13 featuring Android M is one of most popular custom ROM out there. Stylish UI, frequent update, and stable performance make this a popular ROM.

CM 13 Photo
CM 13

2.       PAC-ROM

PAC-ROM is an option-rich custom ROM. PAC-ROM provide almost each and every facility needed for a device.


3.       Paranoid Android

Paranoid Android provide stock ROM facility with subtle changes. It is best custom ROM for notification and navigation tweaking.

Paranoid ROM
Paranoid ROM

4.       OmniROM:

OmniROM provides stock Android experience with some handy extra features. It is developed by former Cyanogenmod developer.

OmniROM Photo

5.       SlimROM:

SlimROM is a feature rich custom ROM. It is lightweight ROM with necessary features you need.  SlimROM also provides stable performances.



  1. It’s about time to get substantial CM support for Xiaomi devices, like my Redmi Note 2…..!

    But there is no existing official CyanogenMod ROM for Xiaomi Redmi Note 2, ONLY for Mi2
    (aries) Mi3w and Mi4 (cancro) (

    If there is, then it’s NOT official…..

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