Samsung Safety Screen
Samsung Safety Screen

Xiaomi device comes with MIUI custom ROM. MIUI ROM provides many features thus you do not need more third party software. However, there are some tools that can make your Xiaomi even more productive.

Here is must try top 5 tools for your Xiaomi devices:

1.       Swiftkey Keyboard:

Swiftkey keyboard is an awesome keyboard comes with Artificial Intelligence. This keyboard creates a virtual writing profile for you then suggest word based on your writing habits.

Download link: Get it on Google Play

2.       GIPHY:

Sometimes GIF images can express our emotions and fun. GIPHY is an app which provides GIF image library for your device.

Download link: Get it on Google Play

3.       Samsung Safety Screen:

Recently Samsung has released its Safety Screen app which protects our eye. This is a must have app if your kids spend time on a smartphone.

Download link: Get it on Google Play

4.       SnapBridge:

SnapBridge is a fantastic tool to transfer files between your device and Nikon DSLR. You do not need to eject your memory card to transfer files to your device from camera.

Download link: Get it on Google Play

5.       LinkedIn Students:

This is must have app for student. Fresh graduate can find expected jobs via LinkedIn students.

Download link: Get it on Google Play


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