MIUI Timed Message

Mother’s Day is just two days away. I am sure you’re planning to wish your mother. Unfortunately, many of us forget the important days. MIUI timed is a perfect solution to them.

In case, you get busy with works or forget the day you can easily set a timed message to wish particular person on a particular day.

Note: this feature introduced in Mi 5 that’s means any device running MIUI 7.2 will have this feature.

Here is the step by step guide to set up timed message on MIUI.

1. Go to message app. Choose a contact. Then press (+) button. You’ll see a menu “Timed”. Tap on this. See the below figure to get a clear demonstration.

MIUI Timed Message

2. Set a time and date when you would like to send the message. After set the date and time click “OK”. See the below figure demonstrate how to set date and time:

MIUI Timed Message

3. Type your message you wish to send.

MIUI Timed Message

4. After typing the message hit enter to send the message. Your message will be sent on specific date and time you set.

MIUI Timed Message

Note: Your phone need to be connected with network to send the message on specific date and time.


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