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Xiaomi Mi 5 featured Android 6.0 (MIUI 7.2) gain popularity for its smooth and faster performance. Trying something new on Mi 5 will be exciting.

Here are the top 5 exceptional apps to try on Mi 5.


MSQRD is a video recording app which changes the way you look. After recording it sends the video to your friend via messenger or other social media app.

MSQRD photo

Download link:  Get it on Google Play

2. Tapete

Tapete makes easier wallpaper creation with your wishes. It works like a graphics artist.

Tapete photo

Download Link:  Get it on Google Play

3. Phraser

Phraser is a learning app which makes the easier learning of new word and phrases. You’ll be in a continuous learning loop with the app.

Phraser Photo

Download link: Get it on Google Play

4. Rewind

Rewind is recording app which helps you to record everything passively in the background. No one will know you are recording something.

Rewind photo

Download link:  Get it on Google Play

5. Fluenty

Fluenty is a messaging assistant which enable users to reply FB Messenger, WhatsApp, Hangouts, and SMS.

Fluenty Photo

Download link:  Get it on Google Play


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