Xiaomi Video Player

Watching dramas and movies has become increasingly popular on smartphones, both at home and on the go.

Xiaomi has launched several really large screen smartphones which are ideal for videos.

Here are the top 6 video players for any Xiaomi device.

1. BSPlayer FREE

BSPlayer FREE is one of the favorite video players with 10M+ download packed with cutting edge video playing features.

2. KMPlayer

KMPlayer is a dominant video player for both PC and smartphone which supports a wide range of video formats.

3. MX Player

MX Player is a feature rich smooth video player for Xiaomi. This player supports almost every Android versions.

4. VLC Player

VLC player is popularly known for its file format support capability. VLC can play almost every format video file.

5. Mobo Player:

Mobo Player is feature is video player supports streaming video from external links. You can also perform multitasking (Like texting) while playing video with Mobo Player.

6. GPlayer

GPlayer comes with nice UI and a wide range of format support. You’ll love it’s smooth video rendering.


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