Smartphones are the essential tool in our daily life. It contains most of our digital data. Without proper protection layer, there is chance to exposed our digital identity.

Apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Skype, Twiter often contains data that matter to us. If you didn’t set up security layer than your data is already at risk.

MIUI Rom provides better support to protect your digital data. Here are the steps you may follow to protect you smartphone as well data.

Setup Lock Screen:

Setup lock screen is the first step to protecting your phone. Go to Settings->Lock Screen. You can choose either pattern or pin to set up the lock screen. Devices with fingerprint support can able to set fingerprint security.


Lock your Apps:

Locking apps especially which one contains private data can enhance the security of your data. Go to Settings > Additional Settings > Privacy > Privacy Protection


Guest Mode:

Guest mode hides the message, notes, photos, settings and incoming call. You can enable this option under Settings > Additional Settings > Privacy > Privacy Protection.


App Permission:

Apps can contains malicious behavior. To prevent this you can set app permission to the individual app. You’ll enable this under Security App > Permissions > Permissions.


Encrypt your Device:

Encrypt your phone to provide height security to your digital data. Enable this option under Settings->Security or Settings->Privacy in some device.



  1. Greetings. Something that I would like different from a security view, if you set a screen code. Anyone can swipe down and select the toggles – gps off, wifi off as example.
    Reason I think that way if your phone gets lost or stolen, it can be disabled from the network or gps tracking.

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