MIUI 8 China Alpha ROM: Second space, cloned apps, battery saver, and more

Xiaomi has been rolling out MIUI 8 China Alpha ROM while Mi fans waiting for the most anticipating MIUI 8developer ROM.

MIUI 8 China Alpha ROM brings noticeable change over MIUI 7. This article will demonstrate the top highlights of MIUI 8 China ROM.

Second Space:

Mi fans can set two space on new ROM. First one is Main Space and another one is second space. Nothing will be visible to other space from one space. It is a super cool way to have a customized second space which will be not visible to other. To enable this features Go to Settings->Second Space


Cloned Apps:

Most of us have several account on social media like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc. In our device we can only install one app at a time hence, we can’t use more than one account.  Cloned App feature will enable you running multiple accounts in a single device. To enable this features Go Settings->Cloned Apps.


Security App (Battery Saver):

Newly designed Battery Saver shows apps running in the background and which one drain your battery. Click on “Cool Down” option will perform the recommended options.

2.1 MIUI 8 China Alpha ROM Review Second Space, Cloned Apps, Battery Saver and more MIUI 8

Touch Assistant:

Newly added touch assistant will enable faster navigation. Floating ball provide instant access to your most used apps and you can move the ball anywhere based on your preference. To enable this go to Settings-> Additional Settings->Touch Assistance.

4.2 MIUI 8 China Alpha ROM Review Second Space, Cloned Apps, Battery Saver and more MIUI 8

Remote Access:

Remote access will enable you remotely access another phone over Wi-Fi. You can operate and fix your kids, parent’s device easily to assist them.


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