Here’s the problem: VR is really cool, but VR headsets are really expensive.

For an Oculus rift or equivalent piece of hardware, you could spend as much as $300.

Enter the Procus VR, a budget VR headset that’s ready to use.

It doesn’t have the processing power of an Oculus, but it does work with virtually any Android phone.

The Procus VR headset has adjustable Velcro straps for varying head sizes, and is made of high quality elastic and leather for comfort over long periods of time.

Anyone who has ever used a VR headset knows they can become uncomfortable very quickly.

Meet Procus VR, the best budget VR headsets under $40
In the Procus VR box

The Procus also provides optimal visual display features which allow you to adjust the headset to your exact visual requirements.

Procus also touts the fact that their VR headset can be used with glasses. Good news if you have bottle caps like me!

Thanks to our friends at Xtream Droid for the video! Be sure to check out all of their videos on their YouTube Channel.



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