MIUI 8 second space
MIUI 8 second space

MIUI 8 comes with a whole new feature named “Second Space” for the first time in Android operating system.

Xiaomi introduced Child Mode in MIUI 7 which enable the user to choose which apps to be accessible. Now with second space phone owner is able to create a new home screen, new folders, and new apps which are only accessible to them.

By default, there will be a “Main Space” which data, apps, and everything accessible to all. But if you create a “Second Space” all your data, apps, folders will only be accessible to you and no one will know whether you are hiding something or not.

How to enable and use this feature in MIUI 8:

Go to Settings->Second Space. You’ll be asked to enter the pattern for the first time. Enter the pattern.

MIUI 8 second space MIUI 8 second space

Now you are in second space. You can move data, moves apps, move pictures. You can even turn off the notification hence, no one will know you have a second space on the phone.

MIUI 8 second space MIUI 8 second space

Let’s see an example. Here is an image which showing all my folder without activating “Second Space”.

MIUI 8 second space
Without Second Space

After activating “Second Space” only permitted folders are showing.

MIUI 8 second space
With Second Space

How to Delete Second Space:

You’ll see a Mange icon under Second Space home screen. Go in to turn off the second space notification icon or delete second space permanent


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