NFC Xiaomi

NFC,or Near Field Communication, is an extremely powerful technology which boots up data transfer along with embedded appliance connectivity.

Here are the 5 amazing hacks of NFC:

1. Digital Business Card

NFC technology can be used to create a digital business card. You have to take an NFC tag to fill up all your details including name, email and phone etc. Your business card is ready now. Give access to recipient’s device to share your digital business card.

NFC Xiaomi

2. Launch URL and App Page

With NFC technology, you do not need to type full URL anymore. Create an NFC tag and encode the URL on it and give access to others.

NFC Xiaomi

3. Play Simulation Game

There are several favorite games out there supports NFC functionality. Such as Nintendo’s Amiibo, Disney’s Infinity and Activision’s Skylanders. This will enhance your overall gaming experience.

NFC Xiaomi

4. NFC smart Cloths

Clothes are ready to hit the market with NFC supports. There will be special buttons on suits that’ll connect your device to clothes.

NFC Xiaomi

5. One Click Wi-Fi Connect

You can enjoy hassle free Wi-Fi experience with NFC supports. Save your Wi-Fi credential with NFC credential and once done you do not need to enter long boring password again and again

NFC Xiaomi


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