MIUI 8 Long Screenshot

Xiaomi introduces a bunch of cool new features in MIUI 8. The long screenshot is one of the highlighted features of MIUI 8.

In previous MIUI version when we capture a web page or any page typically, it was typically limited to what is viewable on the screen.

Now in MIUI 8 it is possible to capture an entire page with long screenshot features.

How to take long screenshots in MIUI 8:

Step 1

Open your desired page or content you wish to take a long screenshot. Long press the volume down (-) and power keys at the same time.

Step 2

Right after the long press and animation will appear on top right corner. Click on the animation icon within 5 seconds.

Step 3

You’ll see three menus named “Extend”, “Edit” an “Send”. Click on Extend.

MIUI 8 Long Screenshot

Step 4

Scroll up the content you wish to capture. Press “Stop” when you’re done.

MIUI 8 Long Screenshot

Step 5

The long screenshot is captured now. You’ll see two menus named “Edit”, “Send”. You can easily edit or send your screenshot from this two menu.

MIUI 8 Long Screenshot

Step 6

You’ve successfully taken the long screen shot. It’ll be saved automatically in the Gallery in Screenshot folder.



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