Un-Brick Xiaomi
Un-Brick Xiaomi

Devices can be bricked for several reasons such as flashing, rooting etc. The fact is most of the users doesn’t know how to unbrick the device.

This article will demonstrate two methods to unbrick any Xiaomi phone. Here is the 1st method to unbrick any Xiaomi phone.

The first method is applicable if your device is bricked but you are still able to boot into recovery which can be twrp or mi recovery. You can skip twrp installation steps if you have already installed twrp.

Step 1:

Download the twrp recovery image for your specific device. Rename it to “twrp” and put it in the folder on your computer.

Step 2:

Install ADB driver on your PC. ADB driver link is given below.

Step 3:

Now boot into recovery by pressing and holding the volume down + power button for few second. Then connect your device to PC via USB cable.

Step 4:

Navigate to the folder in which you put the twrp recovery. Now hold shift and press right click to open the command prompt. Type “fastboot” and press enter to see detected device. If your device is not detected then reinstall the ADB drivers.

Step 5:

Once your device gets detected type “FASTBOOT FLASH REVOVERY TWRP.IMG” and press enter. You’ll see twrp will installed successfully. Again boot into recovery pressing and holding volume up + power button for few seconds until you see the mi logo.

Step 6:

While booting into recovery connect your device with PC. Put the rom into internal memory.

Step 7:

Disconnect the device from PC and click on the wipe to wipe the system partition and data then go back and click install and navigate your ROM zip file. Just select it and flash it.

Here is the second method to unbrick any Xiaomi phone (Fastboot Method):

  • Download the MIUI fast boot ROM zip file for your particular device. Now extract it
  • Now copy and paste the image folder in c drive. Do not paste it in another drive. Now open Mi Flash tool.
  • Boot your device into fastboot mode by pressing and holding the volume + power button for few seconds until you see the mi logo.
  • Now connect your device with PC and click the refresh button to detect your device. Reinstall the ADB drivers if your device is not enlisted
  • You’ll find an option called “browse” just click on that and navigate the image folder which we put in the c drive earlier.
  • Now navigate to advance and browse the first option which is the called fastboot script and navigate the image folder. Then select flash all except data store.
  • You’re almost done.’ Now you are almost done just click on the “flash” button. The entire process will take 1 minute to complete. Do not unplug your device during flash or you’ll get the hard brick.

Download Links:

Here is the step by step video showing this two method clearly:

Thanks to our friends at Xtream Droid for the video! Be sure to check out all of their videos on their YouTube Channel.


  1. Hi, I did that but the Rom didn’t instal and i am blocked on the Xiaomi Icon even if the Flash was in suceed.
    Do you have a clue ?


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