Mi NoteBook
Mi NoteBook

A recent information leaks from reliable source suggest that Xiaomi is going to launch its first ever Note this summer.

Xiaomi will release its Notebook during summer vacation and believed to be held in a month or so presenting “The first notebook for youngsters”.

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun recently talked to a Chinese newspaper and said “he couldn’t talk about the product yet. “ That suggest the existence of the product.

Few days ago an image of Mi Notebook is allegedly leaked online which shows the clear and real view of the Mi Notebook.

Mi NoteBook
Mi NoteBook

From the image above we stated that Mi Notebook is heavily inspired by Apple MacBook Pro. The all metal silver design with the Mi logo up front is almost identical to Apple Macbook Pro series.

Xiaomi will target the young users with three variants including 12.5-inches, 13.3-inches and a 15.6-inch model. The leak suggest the little variant will hit the market first.

Though Xiaomi doesn’t reveal enough info on that but CEO’s comment is good enough to confirm the laptop is under development and expected to launch before September.


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