CDLA Headphone
CDLA Headphone

CDLA technology brings a new revolution in the headphone market as it’ll replace the traditional 3.5mm audio jack.

CDLA technology is invented by a Chinese company named LeEco and they had also used the technology in their latest smartphone.

CDLA stand for Continual Digital Lossless Audio. This technology is capable of end-to-end digital lose less music transmission.

CDLA headphone produces precisely correct and attenuation-free sounds and it does not allow sound quality loss.

CDLA headphone indecently carries an integrated CPU and used a Type-C port with power control capability.

The connector also has a built-in digital audio processor which produces extra power and enhances the music quality.

CDLA is more powerful than the conventional 3.5mm headphone. CDLA headphone have Hifi 2.0 which produce better sound and it supports every audio format. It can play audio up to 1400 KBPS.

Let’s watch a video covering ins and out of CDLA headphones. Here is the video showing details info of CDLA headphones.

Thanks to our friends at Xtream Droid for the video! Be sure to check out all of their videos on their YouTube Channel.



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