Redmi 2/Prime Root

How to root a Redmi 2/Prime [step-by step-guide]

Rooting is required for gaining more access over Android. This article will show the step by step guideline to root Redmi 2/Prime.


Note: Before you proceed it is wise to make a backup. We will be not responsible for any damage.

Here is the step by step guideline to root Redmi 2/Prime:

Step 1: Copy the downloaded and move it in root of internal storage

Step 2: Now open the updated app. See the picture below.

Redmi 2/Prime Root

Step 3: Tap on three dot menu and then choose “Choose Update Package“.

Redmi 2/Prime Root

Step 4: Now browse and select the from internal storage.

Redmi 2/Prime Root

Step 5: Wait until the flashing process is done. Once completed it’ll prompt to reboot. Reboot the device. Now you’ll see SuperSU installed.

Redmi 2/Prime Root

Step 6: Open SuperSU and click continue.

Redmi 2/Prime Root

Step 7: Now another pop-up will appear. Choose “Normal”. Never choose TWRP/CWM.

Redmi 2/Prime Root

Step 8: Once done installing click “OK”.

Redmi 2/Prime Root

Now you have successfully root Redmi 2/Prime. Enjoy.

How to unroot Redmi 2/Prime:

To un-root your device simply open Super-Su and go to Setting. Choose “Full unroot” and proceed.

Redmi 2/Prime Root



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