Mi Notebook
Mi Notebook

Earlier is was rumored that Xiaomi will ship 1 million Mi Notebook this year. A recent source suggests Mi Notebook will be not available in large scale.

Industry sources suggest Xiaomi is more likely to release 300,000 units of Mi Notebook this year which far lower than targeted.

The source also discloses that Xiaomi is working collaboratively with Xiaomi’s long-term assembly partner Inventec Corp and Winstron Corp.

Inventec Corp is working on to supply 150,000 units of the 12-inch sized Notebooks while Winstron Corp is working on another 150,000 units of the 12-inch mi notebook.

Inventec Corp confirmed that Mi Notebook will launch end of the July and the quantity is no massive.

However, Xiaomi has already declared the launch event on July 27. Mi Notebook will launch alongside Xiaomi Redmi Pro.


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