Xiaomi Note 2
Xiaomi Note 2

Xiaomi Note 2 was initially rumored to be launched at the product launch event in Beijing on July 27. But the analyst said Xiaomi Note 2 will launch in August.

Analyst Pan Jiutang posted on Weibo where he stated that Xiaomi Note 2 will certainly launch in august this year but not on July 27.

Xiaomi Note 2 is on the way Will launch in August-2
Weibo Post

Moreover, Xiaomi Co-Founder Liwan Jiang said in an interview that the high-end devices will launch in August. Analyst guessed one of them should be Xiaomi Note 2.

Now, what about the specs of Xiaomi Note 2? It is almost certain that the device will be equipped with latest Snapdragon 821 processor.

Apart from the processor, no other details is not available yet. As it Note series is phablet series it is expected to feature above 5.5″ and 6GB RAM along with fingerprint support.



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