MIUI 7 vs. MIUI 8

MIUI 8 on top of Android Marshmallow is rolling out for supported devices. MIUI 8 brings mild but noticeable changes in the interface as well as in design.

This article will demonstrate the interface and design changes between MIUI 8 and MIUI 7.

We will focus on changes in interface design desktop settings, dial-up interface, notes, weather, notification bar, tape recorders and system updates.

1. Desktop

Interface design in desktop settings is minimal and quite indistinguishable. However, Mi Lanting font is a nice addition in MIUI 8.MIUI 7 vs. MIUI 8

2. Settings

MIUI 8 settings look more sleek and elegant over MIUI 7. Icon design and Mi Lanting font is a plus point for MIUI 8.

MIUI 7 vs. MIUI 8

3.  Dialer

MIUI 8 Dialer is more color than the MIUI 7 dialer. There are slightly noticeable changes in dialer icon and top bar color.

MIUI 7 vs. MIUI 8

4. Notes

Notes app comes with noticeable changes in MIUI 8. New template features enhance the beauty of notes app.

MIUI 7 vs. MIUI 8

5. Weather

In MIUI 8 the weather app will changes automatically according to the state of the weather which is not available in MIUI 7.

MIUI 7 vs. MIUI 8

6. Notification Bar

The MIUI 8 notification bar also enhanced and improved than the MIUI 7. Notification shade is a major addition in MIUI 8 over MIUI 7.

MIUI 7 vs. MIUI 8

7. Recorder App

You’ll also notice the changes in recorder app. MIUI 8 recorder app introduces new styles and design over MIUI 7.

MIUI 7 vs. MIUI 8

8. System Update

MIUI 8 System Update app got some minor changes in design concept over MIUI 7.

MIUI 7 vs. MIUI 8


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