Android Nougat

Most of the Xiaomi devices getting MIUI 8 progressively. While waiting for MIUI 8 let’s try Android Nougat with Google Nexus Launcher.

A recent leaked unveiled the Google Nexus Launcher which will provide looks and test of Android Nougat. The leaked launcher will provide two obvious home screen feature of Android N.

1. The removal of the Google Search bar

The Google Nexus Launcher remove the Google Search bar from the home screen. The below GIF picture is showing the new home screen without search bar.

 Android Nougat


2. Swipe up gesture to open app drawer

The app drawer will open with a swipe up gesture. Hence the app drawer icon out of the way, the dock can now fit five app icons instead of four.

 Android Nougat

How to install Google Nexus Launcher:

Method 1: Download and install the Google Nexus Apk and install it to experience Google Android Nougat on your phone. Click here to download the launcher.

Note: You may face some force close issue if you use the Apk method. Try method 2 for smooth performance.

Method 2: The second method is to flash the Nexus Launcher zip file via TWRP. This is the best way to experience Android N without any force closing issues. Click here to download the Zip.

The following video will show the overview of the launcher as well the method 2 for installing the launcher:



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