xiaomi us launch

Xiaomi Global VP Hugo Barra confirmed that they are start testing phones with US carriers in order to launch their product on US market.

Hugo Barra says, “Earlier this year we had a special version of Mi 5 that we made just for testing in the US, just so that we can start testing and doing small-field trials to sharpen our chops, if you will. And now we have Mi Note 2 which is another device that we can use for some field testing in the US. That’s again just another small step in the right direction or in the direction of being able to launch full-on products there.”

Xiaomi’s phones gather popularity for design and excellent build quality across countries.  They have recently launched their phone Russia, Mexico and the Middle East, with Poland, Vietnam, Thailand plus a couple other Latin American markets.

Xiaomi wants to ensure the seamless smartphone experiences in the US with world most complex carries system. US mobile operators use most odd bands that aren’t widely adopted in most parts of the world. Xiaomi starts testing of their phone with the complex carriers for a successful launch in one or two years.

Although Xiaomi has already launched Mi Box set-top box in the US market for $69 (approximately Rs. 4,600) in October.


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