google pixel launcher

Google Pixel Launcher is now available on all Xiaomi phones

Google Pixel Launcher is the default launcher for Pixel and Pixel XL phone, and how it’s available for MIUI.

The launcher provides Google personalized information from Google in a more convenient way by easy swapping.

Click here to download Pixel Launcher from Xiaomi Ninja

Google Pixel Launcher Highlights:

  • Swipe right to see personalized news and information from Google
  • Quick access to Google Search on your primary home screen.
  • More convenient app suggestions
  • Long press feature for app to rearrange them easily
  • Material design icon packs

Google Pixel Launcher Live Preview:

google pixel launcher google pixel launcher google pixel launcher



  1. It does not work on Xiaomi redmi note 3 mtk

  2. Never gonna let you down

  3. Bug in Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Qualcomm

  4. doesnt work on redmi 2 miui 8 kitkat, is this for above kitkat only?

  5. When Naught version will release for Mi Max 3GB/32GB…?

  6. how to change icons in pixel launcher?

  7. Kalvadiya NarEsh

    It doesn’t work for note 3

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