apps for xiaomi

1. Magic Photo Collage: As the name suggest, Magic Phot Collage comes with pre-defined photo collage layout. This app makes it easier to create a photo collage with special effect, layout and text.

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2. Mobdro: The Mobdro stream video from all the top channels across the world. It will keep you updated with the latest video of sports, technology, and politics.

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3. Quick Control Panel: It features a highly customizable panel which provides quick access to frequently used toggles like mobile data, Wi-Fi, flashlight and other.

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4. Navbar Apps: The Navbar apps is an excellent app to enhance the beauty of navigation bar. User can easily change the color of Navigation bar with this app. As well as it enables users to choose cool image as background or match color automatically to fit it to running app.

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5. Insta Likes: This app provides trending and most popular tag for an Instagram photo. By using this app you can get more likes on your photo.

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Thanks to our friends at Xtream Droid for the video! Be sure to check out all of their videos on their YouTube Channel.


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