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Today Xiaomi launched its first ever Mi Wi-Fi speaker in China for $58 (CNY 399)

The Mi Wi-Fi speaker relies on AC power source and connects to a home network to play audio.

The speaker can also directly connect with cloud-based music sources and Internet radio stations.

“You can listen to up to 20 Million songs and we’ve partnered with Himalaya, Lizhi FM, Kuwo, Xiami and more!”-says Xiaomi.

The Mi Wi-Fi Speaker comes with a remote control app that allows users to search music, subscribe to channels, create playlists, adjust the volume, and access device settings.

It also supports voice search.

What happens when the Wi Fi goes down? The speaker also supports Bluetooth, DLNA/QPlay, and USB.

The Mi Wi-Fi speaker sports 8GB of onboard memory for users to store their favorite tunes offline.

The dimension of the Mi Wi-Fi speaker is 90mm X 95mm X 282mm and it weights just at 1.6 kg.

The nice little powerful Mi Wi-Fi speakers are priced at CNY 399 (Roughly $58).

Mi Wi-Fi Speaker Photos

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