miui security app

MIUI comes with built-in Security Center which is a combination of advanced security technologies from Tencent, Kingsoft and LBE.

MIUI Security Center is a reliable mechanism to provide privacy protection for users.

As well as the security app also comes with many useful features.

Here are the 3 must try features of MIUI Security app:

1. Save mobile data:

MIUI users can turn on/off data usage for any particular app. This will save data by disabling background data use. You can also choose whether an app can use the mobile data or Wi-Fi.

miui security app

To enable this feature, choose Data usage followed by Restrict. Here, you can do a complete restriction and allow all apps to access data via Wi-Fi only.

2. Phone number block list:

MIUI users can block unwanted calls without any third-party app. To enable block list feature tap on the Block list icon to access the page at the top right-hand corner, click on the settings icon.

Select the blocked numbers and start adding the blocked numbers by clicking the <Add> button at the bottom of the screen. See the following figures:

miui security app miui security app miui security app

3. Battery Saver:

Built-in battery saver in MIUI security app allows users to set customized battery profiles besides default battery profile.

miui security app

You’ll find three popular battery profile as:

Default – Clear background processes when device is locked

Marathon – Turn off WLAN and data services

Sleep – Turn off all network functions except for alarm clock



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