xiaomi to launch global product

According to a report Richardson Oliver Law (ROL) Group LLP, a firm specialized in the purchase and acquisition of patents, Xiaomi is as one of the top buyers of US patents for 2016.

xiaomi to launch global product

As of now Xiaomi has over 7000 patents of which 6200 have been granted. From them, 5200 patents have been published.

Previously, Xiaomi went into a partnership with Microsoft to work and collaborate together. In terms of the partnership, the company has acquired 1500 patents from the software giant.

The move to acquire US patents hints it is going to launch product globally in the nearest future. Especially they are targeting the North American Market.

Xiaomi has already announced, they are going to attend the Consumer Electronic Show (CES 2017). Where they’ll unveil a new global product on the event.


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