xiaomi wi-fi amplifier 2

Xiaomi has silently launched a new version of Wi-Fi Amplifier and named as Wi-Fi Amplifier 2.

The upgraded Wi-Fi Amplifier comes as a USB portable dongle.

The Xiaomi Wi-Fi Amplifier 2 sports built-in PCB antenna which enables routers to double the signal strength.

xiaomi wi-fi amplifier 2

The transmission rate is increased to 300Mbps.

The new amplifier can take a connection from a maximum of 16 devices at the same time.

The Xiaomi Wi-Fi Amplifier 2 got a major improvement over its predecessor.

The amplifier doesn’t need to be connected only to the Xiaomi router. It also supports third party router from the other manufacturers.

The second-generation Wi-Fi Amplifier 2 is the price at CNY 49 ($7) and will go on sale from December 15 at 10AM.


  1. Xiaomi WiFi repeater # 2. has anyone used this device ? I am interested on buying one. I have downloaded the app My Home (Chinese), in order have a preview of the use and adjusts and, for me, it was disappointing.

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